Friday, June 4, 2010

#53 John Krasinski

Most of you recognize John Krasinski as "Jim Halpert" from that Emmy award-winning television series, "The Office."  Some of you may recall seeing him as Mandy Moore's fiance in that silly romantic comedy License to Wed with Robin Williams.  Then there are those of us who remember him as the guy who fills the "cute quota" in Jimmy Kimmel's Handsome Men's Club.  (He can be our big handsome.)

Whichever way we prefer to know him, single girls like John Krasinski because he is unarguably affable and charmingly adorable.  He is the kind of boy we bring home to introduce to our mother.  We want him to be the Jim to our Pam. 

Despite his exaggerated features, his nose is a bit grandiose and his ears tend to stick out a little too far, his strong features make him handsome enough to be swoon-worthy, but not so attractive that sluts are throwing themselves at him.  Plus, he seems to be the kind of guy who would be too shy or goofy to do anything about it anyway.

In essence, John Krasinski is the anti-douchebag.  And isn't it about high time us single girls avoid the douchebags and pursue the sweethearts?

Ultimately, John Krasinski could do no wrong.  His perpetual "aw shucks" look prevents anyone from ever blaming him for committing a mortal sin - he could probably get away with murder and mayhem merely by shrugging his grand shoulders and flashing his trademark apologetic grin.

We don't fantasize about John Krasinski.  Nay, fantasizing is reserved for dirty, raunchy thoughts and John Krasinski is better than that.  While we save naughty thoughts for guys like David Beckham and Bradley Cooper (because they are the type who would cheat on us anyway, fantasy or no fantasy), we daydream about John Krasinski.

In our daydreams, John Krasinski is the guy who holds our hand and takes us on picnics in the park where we could lie on our backs and make shapes out of clouds.  He is the guy who tells us the best part of his day is waking up next to us in the morning.  He even sincerely insists it is our most attractive moment.  (And because John Krasinski does not lie, we know this is the truth.)  He is the guy who brings us breakfast in bed where we can do the New York Times crossword puzzle together.  (He graduated from Brown with honors so we know he's a smart dude.)

If we were with a guy like John Krasinski, he would never give us a reason to write him a "Dear John" letter.  Aside from being engaged to Emily Blunt, John Krasinski is perfect.


  1. We all need to date doucebags before we settle for the "sweetheart". Yes, I said "settle". Come on, all guys want to date hot girls but they settle for the nice girl.

    I do not dream of having a picnic and making shapes out of the clouds. Sounds like you are a hopeless romantic. I would appreciate a picnic though...

    In sum, you have to find someone that works for you and that doesn't mean ALL girls want a JIM. I sure don't. Grow some balls!

  2. I agree. The time for douchebags and assholes is over! It's no longer exciting or sexy, just annoying and frankly, a waste of time. Give me a Jim over a David Beckhan any day!

  3. I think you ladies underestimate the Douchebag. It's the douchebag that has the balls to make important decisions in the workplace, and in his personal life to pay for all the crap that "single girls like".

    The Jim/John/Pussy is always going to be the guy that works underneath us, can't afford his rent, or the Louboutins that you women so covet.

    Also, "John Krasinski is the guy who holds our hand and takes us on picnics in the park where we could lie on our backs and make shapes out of clouds. He is the guy who tells us the best part of his day is waking up next to us in the morning. He even sincerely insists it is our most attractive moment."........

    All I have to say is, if you want a girlfriend, use one of your other single friends. Don't ruin the one ounce of manhood he probably still has and turn him into an feminine hygiene product.

  4. He was great in Handsome Men's club.

  5. I'm like in love with him, I definitely spend most of my days daydreaming about John =)

  6. He's the nice, sensitive, caring, almost a pushover but just smart and proud enough to warrant occasional signals of respect. He's invisible to most women over a 7 (rating), he's the guy who had a crush on you in high school and now that you've dated a million douches you've seen the light and picked him up. He "has no balls" but really the problem is that he has no passion, passion of course being something to be frowned upon in the US, much like an interest in politics, if not almost as bad as attending a march or protest.

  7. I think john is the hottest guy.he looks so innocent and sexy.i love his nos and big ears.they remind me of dumbo and pinnichio.i may sound like a dirty slut but i would love to see his package.emily blunt is soooooo damn lucky.

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