Thursday, January 7, 2010

#27 Missed Connections

Who knows how popular the "Personals" section is on Craigslist after the Boston Craigslist killings, but I do know that "Missed Connections" is still commonly used in the very birthplace of Craigslist: San Francisco.  Over 60 "missed connections" were posted yesterday alone in JUST the M4W section. 

Perhaps it's the minute size of this city coupled with its dense population, but it's no wonder that a quick, sideways glance can be miscontrued as a "missed connection" (or isn't it?) when you're crammed on BART or Muni with hundreds of strangers.

Not just for single girls or guys, I know a lot of you enjoy reading the "Personals" section purely as a form of entertainment.  (Especially since The Hills is on hiatus.)  In today's "Missed Connections," we have someone who "held the door open for you at Subway on Oak Road" and someone else looking for an "Asian girl with yellow flats."

Speaking of Asians, someone is also looking for "an Asian girl in Berkeley."  Doesn't that describe half of the female students there?  Maybe she is the same Asian girl with the yellow flats?  Then there is someone who is "truely missing you" who thinks "the sexual tention is too strong when we are around each other.  So the truth is I have [an] out of body experience around you."  I don't know what is more frightening: his "out of body experiences" or his spelling.

As much as we love looking at these "missed connections" for comedic value, single girls secretly hope that someday she could be the "cute girl on BART heading towards Fremont around 7:00 tonight" or the "cute brunette in striped shirt at Trader Joe's."  Or, since we're feeling the Asian persuasion, the "beautiful Asian woman crossing Golden Gate Avenue."

It all boils down to this: somewhere out there, unbeknownst to us, while we're out and about minding our own business and going on with our day, a complete stranger looked at us, maybe spoke to us for a few minutes, and thought "WOW!"  His first impression of us was so profound, he immediately had to go home, boot up his computer, get on his internet browser, navigate his way to the Craigslist website, compose a short blurb about this amazing but brief encounter with us, submit it to Craigslist, wait for an authentication email, then publish this "missed connection."

Yes, Craigslist makes you jump through quite a few hoops.  Not that I would know.

Somewhere out there, some dude is professing his love/lust for THE WHOLE WORLD to see, hoping that somewhere out there, miracle of miracles, we will see it, too.

We love missed connections because as much as single girls would like to believe in "destiny" and "true love," deep down, we really DO believe in "destiny" and "true love."  This is akin to our curiosity about the Loch Ness monster.  Just because we haven't seen it, how do we know it's not really there?

We know what happens when some of you meet a "sexy girl in red."  Shrinkage.  Air ball.  Too many brain synapses, not enough motor reflexes.  You choke.  And you regret it!  She could be "the one that got away!" And then you're kicking yourself in what's left of your balls.  Life rarely gives you second chances, but missed connections is a second chance.  A second chance at what, you ask?  A "missed connection" could simply be the dating gods' way of hooking us up with a quick hook up. That's fine, too. 

So what are you waiting for?  The "hot blonde at Starbucks with the green jacket" may be thinking about you, too.  The only thing worse than a "missed connection" is a missed "missed connection."


  1. I love this! Oh Craigslist, how you amuse me.

  2. I can attest that it works.. =)
    My Missed Connection turned into a 3-yr relationship. But then I married someone who I reconnected with on Twitter. hahahaa!

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